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Pursue your passion without compromising academics and college readiness, with world champions guiding your journey

Next Level Learning

We believe in education that lasts a lifetime … Literally.

Our mandate is to create lifelong learners, place them on a track to a passion-led career, and support them as evolving opportunities demand new tools.

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Passion First

Passion-first students are focused and driven when they have structured freedom to focus on what they love.  All aspects of learning are enhanced when their passion is in deep development. Passion-forward students know what gets them going.  

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Applied Learning

You spend hours studying and practicing your passion. Why can’t that count for something? Create an education that suits you without sacrificing any of the tradition high school education quality. 

Next Level Clubs College and High School Diplomas

Blurred Lines

We offer a network of connected but individual high school pathways.  College within high school via AP Courses. Earn a  great education wit potential of graduating high school with an associates degree while working towards athletic greatness.
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World Class Education

The only online 7 – 12th grade school that tailors academics to students’ passions. Pursue your passion without compromising academics and college readiness, with world champions guiding your journey.

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Partnered with ICL Academy 

We are able to provide qualified teachers and professors to support our students in earning high schools diplomas, college credits, and certifications where their passion lie.  

Breaking Traditional Education Path.

The ambitions of aspiring professionals cannot be met without time practicing their craft, training with world-class coaching, and exposure to experts in their feild.  

 Our academy gives talented players their chance to become the best they can, even professional.  We solve for the non-negotiable experiences while providing a high school diploma with ties to career opportunities. 
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World Class Academics
With personal attention, comes accountability. We care enough to help keep your child on track.
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Service & Leadership
Our Leadership course teaches students how to lead with purpose and to enact positive change within the community.
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Community Experience
Students form lifelong friendships with their peers that have similar passions, and, just as important, with high-achieving students focused on different specialities.
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World Champion Parnters
We connect students with world-champion mentors and renowned leaders who inspire and mentor our students along their journey.

Let’s Study Together

Want to spend more time on the field, court, pitch, mountain, in the water… (you get it) without sacrificing quality education? Let us help you educate your students, We’ve got the education while you train their passion.