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Get more time on the ball with the most committed players and have a competitive advantage in top-end leagues.

Next Level Learning

Bringing full-time training programs to life.

We partner with you to provide the freedom to train your athletes with a fully accredited school program for your club.

Next Level Clubs Partners

Our Partnership 

Our partnership with your club, and other passion-based organizations, creates an experience where athletes get the opportunity to put in the time becoming a top athlete while still achieving a top-flight education to propel them into the next stage, whether that be college or a professional career. 

World Class Education

Our fully accredited school program will embed seamlessly into your existing club. Your athletes complete daily classwork for 3-4 hours per day. All we need is a room and an adult to encourage them and keep them on task.

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Education Platform  

We are able to provide qualified teachers and professors to support our students in earning high schools diplomas, college credits, and certifications where their passion lie.  

Breaking Traditional Education Path.

Players get the opportunity to put in as much effort into developing their game and character as they have to put into their school work. You get the opportunity to lead and train them all day everyday without being limited to a strict commute and traditional school schedule. This means putting more time into SAQ, film study, and on-field training. Your club can have it all. 


We provide the schooling so that you take care of coaching them become the best soccer players they can be. As the competition heats up you have to the chance to be the best club out there because you will have access to more training and development time with your players while having a school run on site. Players will do school work at the club and be working with coaches the rest of the time. No commute time, no limited schedule. We are here to help simplify and elevate your program.

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World Class Academics

With personal attention, comes accountability. We care enough to help keep your athlete on track.

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More Time on Ball

We take care of the classwork for you so that you can focus on being a coach with a full time program.

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Attract Serious Players

A full time club will attract players who are focused and wanting to take their game to the next level.

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World Champion Parnters

We connect students with world-champion mentors and renowned leaders who inspire and mentor your athletes along their journey.

Let’s Work Together

Want to spend more time training your players without sacrificing quality education? Let us help you educate your students. We’ve got the education while you train and push them to the next level.